It’s dangerous to microwave these foods: they turn into poison

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Some products after the microwave can not only lose their beneficial properties, but also become hazardous to health. Experts say that when heated in the microwave, carcinogens and toxins form in them, which can lead to a number of dangerous diseases.

Breast milk

Breast milk is especially valuable for the baby due to the presence of immunostimulating proteins in it. But in a couple of seconds in the microwave, all the value of this product is destroyed. And although there will be no harm from such milk, it’s also good.


Experts do not recommend defrosting meat in the microwave. As a rule, after processing in an oven, the upper part is thawed, and ice remains inside. You will have to leave the product additionally warm to thaw the meat to the end. And while this happens, dangerous microbes will rapidly multiply in the heated parts of the meat.

Spinach, lettuce and greens

Fresh green leaves are very useful for our body, and valuable vitamins and minerals are preserved during freezing. However, if you heat them in the microwave, you will no longer get any benefit from these products.

Fruits and berries

Experts say that the components contained in the fruits that are beneficial to our health and immunity can turn into carcinogens when exposed to microwaves.


Mushroom dishes are not allowed to be heated in the microwave. After all, after processing the product changes its composition, which leads to disruption of the gastrointestinal tract and even poisoning.


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