Italy takes unprecedented measures against coronavirus

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Italy is now in second place in the world in the number of coronavirus infected. Only China is ahead, from where the infection came.

The Italian Prime Minister announced that the production of any products other than essential goods is being stopped in the country. And in the northern region of Lombardy, they increased the quarantine violation fine to five thousand euros.

The number of new coronavirus infected per day is growing every day. The attention of the whole world is riveted to Italy, where the death toll from a new infection is growing.

“At this point, the number of people infected with coronavirus has increased by 4,821 and reached 42,681. Of these, 22,116 are in isolation without symptoms or with minor symptoms, 2,857 are in intensive care units.

This is 7% of all infected. The rest are in ordinary hospitals. Unfortunately, we are forced to confirm today that there are 793 more deaths, “said Angelo Borrelli, head of civil defense at AP Italy Virus Numbers.

In the region most affected by the virus, Lombardy is now fined up to 5 thousand euros for violating the quarantine. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced the suspension of all enterprises that do not have strategic significance for the life of the country.

“This is a difficult decision, but it is necessary to cope with the most difficult stage of the epidemic. A health emergency turns into a complete economic catastrophe. This is the worst crisis that Italy has been experiencing since the end of World War II,” said the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

Rome has already appreciated the assistance offered by Russia. However, many are outraged by the position of Brussels. Italian media say the EU is in no hurry to provide support. And in the war against COVID-19 in Europe, everyone is for himself.

Panic moods are rising in Britain. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already warned that the Italian scenario could be repeated in the United Kingdom.

The government fears that the national health system will not stand the test of a sharp increase in the number of infected people. Johnson called on compatriots to take the situation as seriously as possible and minimize communication with others.

The Spanish Cabinet also acknowledged that they expect a sharp increase in the number of infected and dead due to coronavirus. In Madrid, they emphasize that they are ready for the most decisive and stringent measures? but this may not be enough.

“We need to buy time to better prepare our healthcare system and achieve scientific results. The COVID-19 virus is unique, and, as I said, we better recognize our enemy. Its spread is faster than ordinary flu. And it is more deadly than flu,” says Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

In terms of the number of infected, Spain now ranks third in the world. The local health care system is working to its limits, but so far it is coping.

In Madrid, one of the hospitals has already switched to a round-the-clock mode of operation. Heroism of colleagues was appreciated by ambulance staff and residents of neighboring houses and gave the clinic staff a standing ovation.


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