Italian scientist: COVID-19 coronavirus weakens and will soon disappear

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — According to Johns Hopkins University, the coronavirus, which has spread around the world, has infected 8,926,050 people and killed 467,611 people. Scientists are working non-stop on vaccines to help defeat the virus, some of which have recently begun clinical trials in humans.

According to Professor Matteo Bassetti, at the moment the virus is very weak and “the severity of the consequences of the disease is changing.” According to him, if this goes on, then COVID-19 will disappear without a vaccine.

The scientist’s arguments are based on the fact that patients in Italy today feel much better than when the virus first began to affect people. Italy was one of the most affected countries in Europe, with 238 499 cases and 34 634 deaths recorded.

Professor Bassetti suggests that attenuation of the virus may be due to a genetic mutation that makes it less deadly. He also suggested that more detailed treatment and social distancing helped to some extent reduce the severity of cases. Here is what he said for the Sunday Telegraph:

“In March and April, the virus still resembled an aggressive tiger, but now it looks more like a feral cat. Even elderly patients in a supine position, aged 80 or 90 years, today breathe without assistance. Previously, this group of patients could not have been saved. ”

His theory depends on the severity of the virus in patients associated with their “viral load”, depending on the proportion of the virus that enters the body.

“I got the clinical impression that the virus is changing in severity. In March and early April, the picture was completely different. People came to the emergency room with a very serious illness, and they needed oxygen and ventilation, many developed pneumonia. Now, over the past four weeks, the picture has completely changed in terms of patterns. ”

“A lower viral load may be present in the airways. Apparently this is due to a genetic mutation in the virus, which has not yet been scientifically demonstrated. ”

It is worth noting that Professor Bassetti had already made similar statements, but was criticized by colleagues for being too optimistic about the consequences of COVID-19.


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