Italian “Robinson Crusoe” told how he lives on another island

(ORDO NEWS) — For almost 33 years, an Italian named Mauro Morandi lived on a desert island. But due to the fact that some time ago the island became part of the La Maddalena National Park, the authorities evicted the man from his usual habitat.

Reported by the Mirror.

From 1989 until 2006, Morandi officially served as the island’s caretaker. After the man stopped receiving wages, he still did not leave the island and continued to carry out his usual duties. An Italian lived at a radio station, which was built during the Second World War. Soon, the authorities are going to make a special ecological observatory out of it.

Now living on the island is prohibited by law, so Morandi bought an apartment in May this year on the neighboring island, which is inhabited by people. For the purchase, he used his pension, because before the beginning of the hermitage, the man worked for a long time as a teacher.

Previously, the Italian has repeatedly said that he will not be able to live in some other place, but now he admitted that comfort and regular communication have many advantages. A man especially enjoys having a kitchen, a bathroom and a soft comfortable bed. Morandi notes that he still misses the silence that was on his island, but at the same time it was much more difficult to live there, especially in winter.

To date, the 82-year-old hermit is finishing work on the second volume of his memoirs, where he describes in detail his entire life.


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