Italian authorities invited a psychic to search for water in conditions of severe drought

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(ORDO NEWS) — La Stampa: Boiardo’s authorities in Italy have hired a psychic to search for a source of water in a drought.

Authorities in the city of Boiardo, in the Italian province of Liguria, have hired a psychic to search for a source of water amid a record drought. It is reported by La Stampa.

According to the publication, the mayor of the city announced his readiness to pay for the services of a soothsayer from his personal funds if the Accounts Chamber does not allocate money for them. He called this measure a desperate step in the face of drought.

Earlier, the European Commission warned that the drought that hit Europe could be the worst in centuries.

“The current drought seems to be the worst in at least the last 500 years. This is the first assessment, we must confirm the data at the end of the season,” the press service of the executive body said.


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