It was found out why people after drinking alcohol are prone to violence

(ORDO NEWS) — Domestic violence and aggression are usually the result of alcohol consumption. As a result, alcohol disrupts one of the most important mechanisms in the human body – emotion recognition.

This is reported by the Wiley online library.

Scientists previously knew that after drinking alcohol it is more difficult to recognize other people’s emotions through facial expressions, but this issue has been studied exclusively in a laboratory. The results were quite ambiguous. Also, experts would like to find out exactly what role the sex of a person plays in this process.

During a new study, experts recorded changes in the brain and behavior of people in real conditions. The experiment involved not only men, but also women.

A total of 114 volunteers were invited in one of the cities in the southern part of the United States. 60% of them were men. Participants were asked about the frequency and amount of alcohol consumed. After that, they were given photos with different emotions, and beforehand, the level of alcohol in their blood was measured using a breathalyzer.

The results surprised scientists somewhat. After drinking alcohol, men began to determine emotions much worse by the facial expressions of other people.

At the same time, this ability in women remained practically at the same level. This can become the reason that in a drunken state men are much more likely to show aggression and violence, and the female sex controls herself and tries not to get into dangerous situations.


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