It turns out that ancient sculptures were colored

(ORDO NEWS) — “Archaeologists and art historians find it hard to agree that the majestic marble sculptures of antiquity were not actually white,” notes the German magazine Spektrum der Wissenschaft. “They were actually colored.”

Although there are historical references to the fact that in ancient times such statues were painted, and paint residues were found on some of them, but such evidence was still not enough for scientists.

However , more evidence has recently emerged that the statues were multicolored. This conclusion was reached on the basis of a study based on the study of the relief of the weathering of paints. Paint pigments have different durability, and therefore certain parts of the surface of the statues peel off faster than others.

It turns out that ancient sculptures were colored 2

And this is precisely what indicates that different elements of the sculpture were painted with different colors. According to the magazine, a sculpture was “perfect for the Greeks and Romans only when it was completed in color.”


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