It turned out that hunting can help populations of some wild species

(ORDO NEWS) — Hunting is prohibited by law in many states. However, studies show that it can help some populations!

Scientists from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology note : “Some ways of regulating animal populations can sometimes have a positive effect by reducing competition for food,” says Bart Peters.

Peters and colleagues used statistical models to estimate the effects of animal population decline as a result of regulated hunting.

As part of the work, scientists used models specifically for Svalbard reindeer, but the authors say that they will be suitable for many other species.

“Poor grazing conditions in winter, such as thick snow cover or ice in the tundra, increase competition for food. This has little effect when the population is small and the animals have little competition for food.

But in large populations, many animals will starve to death when bad weather reduces available resources,” says Peters.

The combination of extreme weather and high population densities or overgrazing can lead to population collapse, with few or no animals getting enough food.

“Regulated hunting can have a positive effect because it reduces the number of animals before winter, so fewer animals have to compete for food,” the authors explain.

However, scientists say that the results of the study should not be interpreted by governments in their own way, hunting should be strictly regulated.

Determining how many animals can be killed to avoid population decline depends on grazing conditions and initial population size. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to predict whether the winter will be bad or not. This study requires the creation of certain bodies that will monitor the situation.


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