It turned out that childhood spent at sea has a positive effect on the psyche

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(ORDO NEWS) — According to the study, people who live in their childhood on the shores of seas and rivers have a healthier psyche.

Many people want to live by the sea, but this is not just a dream, it is a real investment in your health!

The study, which was conducted by the University of Exeter, UK, interviewed over 15,000 participants from 18 countries. Respondents were asked to recall their experience of “contact with blue spaces” between the ages of 0 and 16.

They were also asked to quantify their recent contact with green and blue spaces over the previous four weeks, and their mental health status over the past two weeks.

Valeria Vitale, lead author of the study, noted that scientists have previously assessed the impact of nature in general on human well-being.

However, the results of the new work show that “childhood exposure to blue spaces can stimulate an innate joy in nature. It also stabilizes the “psychological state of people in adulthood.

Why are scientists studying this issue?

It turned out that childhood spent at sea has a positive effect on the psyche 2

Living by the ocean is the dream of many, but even those people who live in coastal regions do not always get the full benefits of such a life.

Research such as this latest work shows that our cities and urban design must change to “ensure safe access to natural resources for the mental and physical development of children.”

Every year, scientists find more and more evidence that green and blue zones help us cope not only with psychological, but also with physical problems. Therefore, they must be present in sufficient quantities in each city.


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