It is possible to control a person through a chip from Elon Musk

(ORDO NEWS) — Last week, Elon Musk, a well-known entrepreneur, presented a technology for implanting a chip into the brain, which should find widespread use in medicine. Conspiracy theorists immediately began to write that the future of chipping people has already come, soon all people will be controlled.

Alexander Kaplan, head of the Laboratory of Neurophysiology and Neurointerfaces at the Faculty of Biology, Moscow State University, said that Elon Musk’s development is a real breakthrough, which has already helped more than one thousand people with epilepsy. Soon, the technology developed by Neuralink can be used in a number of other cases. Doctors will be able to properly “tune” the brain, excluding the manifestation of some neurodegenerative diseases. These can be speech problems, Parkinson’s disease, etc.

According to Kaplan, in 2021, Musk will be able to present a development that will solve the problems of people with severe spinal cord injury. To take a step, the brain sends a signal to the spinal cord, and that – to the leg itself. If the neural connections are broken, then the person is unable to move. Musk’s technology must repair damaged communication chains by becoming a kind of intermediary that processes the requests of the brain.

The biggest difficulty in microchipping is the direct implantation of electrodes into the brain or spinal cord. It is the complexity of the operation that is the reason for the lack of technology so far, although work on it was carried out in a whole list of countries.

The implantation of the chip will especially help people with paralysis: various brain signals will be intercepted and sent to a computer to sound speech and actuators, for example, to a manipulator with a drink. There are many scenarios for using the chip.

Kaplan also added that through the implanted electrodes it is impossible to tune a person to certain thoughts, launch other people’s voices into his head and force a person to act against his will.


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