It became known where the US gold reserve is hidden

(ORDO NEWS) — The US gold reserve is stored at the US military base in the Fort Knox storage facility. The corresponding statement was made by Oksana Lukicheva, an analyst on the commodity markets of Otkritie Investments.

She stressed that approximately 4580 tons of gold are hidden in the vault. In addition, the original of the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence of the country are also there, according to the Prime agency.

At the same time, part of the US gold reserve is stored elsewhere. In particular, in the vaults of the US Mint in Denver there are about 1.4 thousand tons of gold, in West Point – 1.7 thousand tons, and in the basements of the Federal Reserve Bank in Manhattan – about 400 tons of gold.

“The gold reserve is usually used to regulate the balance sheet of the central bank of the country, maintain the stability of the currency, ensure financial security, and diversify the portfolio of the central bank’s gold and foreign exchange reserves,” Lukicheva said.

According to her, central banks of different countries periodically sell or buy gold from reserves.

Earlier in Ukraine, they complained about a sharp decline in gold reserves.


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