It became known what will happen to a person if he does not sweat

(ORDO NEWS) — Sweat causes a lot of inconvenience. It smells bad, sticky, so many people would like to completely stop sweating. But scientists believe that this is not the best solution, because the consequences can be very unpleasant.

The sweat glands are involved in the regulation of body temperature. In total, there are 2-4 million of these glands in the human body. When sweat is released and evaporated, the body begins to cool quite strongly, which affects the overall body temperature and normalizes it.

At the very beginning, there is no smell from perspiration. It begins to appear only after the bacteria break down. If a person does not sweat, then in this case the cooling process will become more difficult. Excessive sweating is often treated with Botox, but this is just an incredibly huge mistake.

The procedure causes the nerves to be damaged, and then the sweat glands are blocked. The person, accordingly, ceases to sweat completely. The phenomenon is called anhidrosis. If sweating is completely absent, then even a small physical activity can lead to a significant increase in body temperature.

If a hot climate is additionally present, then the temperature indicators will increase even more. After that, the person will face a dry or hot fever.

Further, the ears will begin to redden, lethargy, irritation, nausea and weakness will appear. Only the coldest place will help solve the problem. If a person cannot cool down in time, then he may well get a real heat stroke.

The lack of sweating will cause the destruction of the physiological histo hematic barrier that protects the body from bacteria and harmful particles.

After that, brain cells begin to die, motor functions weaken, and the person himself loses consciousness. In addition, there is a huge risk that everything can end in irreversible changes in the brain or even death.


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