ISS astronauts make final spacewalk on Expedition 66

(ORDO NEWS) — Expedition 66 astronauts Raja Chari and Matthias Maurer left the International Space Station on Wednesday to carry out repairs and upgrades to the space station.

The 80th U.S. EVA was the 248th total EVA conducted on the International Space Station, including EVAs from the Russian Orbital Segment and Space Shuttle missions.

This is the last EVA before the Soyuz MS-19 departure next Wednesday, which marks the transition from the current Expedition 66 to Expedition 67.

The EVA began at 12:32 UTC and lasted almost seven hours, which is fairly typical for most spacewalks on the ISS.

The astronauts performed a number of maintenance and upgrade tasks on the station’s external equipment, including installing hoses on the radiator module, installing a power and data cable on the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Columbus module, and replacing the outer camera.

Wednesday’s spacewalk was the second of Raja Chari’s career, after last Tuesday, and the first for Matthias Maurer. While Chari spent most of his time riding Canadarm2’s robotic arm, Maurer had to spend most of his time on the US segment of the station.


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