ISS air leak accelerated fivefold

(ORDO NEWS) — The air leakage rate at the International Space Station has increased fivefold in recent months, requiring twice the isolation of the crew on the Russian segment to determine the location of the leak.

A small air leak on the ISS was recorded in September 2019, but in August 2020 it became known that its rate increased.

At the same time, to search for the leak, the crew closed the hatches in the ISS modules in order to check their tightness and for four days was isolated in the Russian segment of the station. However, the site of the leak, which does not threaten the ISS or the crew, was never found.

Initially, it was assumed that the problem affects the American segment of the orbital complex – no leak was detected in the Russian blocks. To check the US modules, the entire ISS crew consisting of Russian cosmonauts Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Wagner, as well as NASA astronaut Christopher Cassidy, was isolated in the Russian segment of the station.

However, following the results of the inspection, the specialists ascertained the tightness of all the tested modules of the station. Thus, it is not yet clear where exactly the air leaks occur.


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