Israeli mathematician claims to have found a “secret code” in the Bible

(ORDO NEWS) — When there is less and less time before Christ, many people begin to take an active interest in the Bible. In it, they try to find answers to those questions that have been of interest to them for a long time, to get some kind of wisdom.

It is worth noting that many experts are sure that in fact, numerous prophecies are hidden in the Holy Scriptures regarding exactly what events will happen on our planet over several millennia.

Michael Droznin talked about the fact that there is indeed a “code” in the Bible. It has made it possible to predict today quite a lot of events that happened after some time in accordance with the predictions left behind. This “code” was “discovered” by the Israeli mathematician Ilya Rips.

It is he who is considered one of the most prominent specialists in the world, who is well versed in group theory. Michael Droznin, in turn, notes the fact that Rips’s work has been repeatedly confirmed by popular scientists working at Harvard and Yale University.

“Discovery” says that the Old and New Testaments encrypted numerous events that tell about the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, as well as the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers, Anwar Sadat and even the World War.

This is just a small part of the hidden predictions that have already come true. Those who hold the same opinion as Droznin say that in the Bible you can find information about the coronavirus pandemic and even that the spread of the virus began in Wuhan.

Numerous scholars from all over the world have tried to decipher the Bible for many centuries. Isaac Newton tried to find out what the future holds for humanity, who, unlike many, additionally had a special religious education.

There is information that the Scripture contains “the date of the beginning of the Third World War”, which will cause the death of all mankind. Official science has not yet confirmed the work of a mathematician, because no one knows the exact age of the old manuscripts that have come down to our times.

There is no single text of the Old Testament. When the manuscript is reproduced, the text of the book begins to “breathe”. This causes a change in grammatical forms, many letters can be skipped.

If you use modern typed text for work and select individual letters from it with some certain frequency, then this, perhaps, will allow you to get something interesting. But not every modern specialist believes in such a thing.

Buffy Bailey and her husband Ian made an incredible find near the city of York. The couple were looking for antiques and used a metal detector for this. They accidentally found a miniature Bible, the size of which was only 1.5 centimeters and weighs no more than 5 grams.

The tiny book was made of gold around the 15th century, according to preliminary assumptions by scientists. They also believe that it could have belonged to one of the relatives of King Richard III.

The find has been compared to Middleham’s jewel. The pendant was found near Middleham Castle, where the king spent his childhood. The gold piece was sold back in 1992 for $ 3.4 million.

Scientists believe that the same blacksmith could have made the pendant and the Bible. Perhaps they even belonged to the same person.

It could be a relative of the king, who was soon preparing to become a mother. Such conclusions were drawn due to the fact that in the tiny Holy Scripture figures were engraved that protected women in childbirth.


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