Israel successfully tested a naval version of the Iron Dome air defense system

(ORDO NEWS) — Israel conducted successful combat tests of the Rafael Advanced Defense Systems C-Dome system, a naval version of the Iron Dome missile defense system. The tests took place on board the corvette Saar 6.

First deployed in 2011, the Iron Dome system has earned an impressive reputation for being 90% successful in intercepting missile attacks in hostilities between Israel and a number of hostile groups.

Able to operate as separate batteries or in coordination with each other or separate radar pods, the system can not only intercept incoming threats, but can also calculate missile trajectories and ignore those that will land harmlessly in rivers and desert fields.

This measure is especially appreciated by specialists, since saving on ammunition is an extremely useful bonus for any air defense system.

In 2014, Rafael demonstrated the concept of its C-Dome variant, designed to protect individual ships and naval groups from missile attacks.

The naval version is a 10-round cluster loaded with vertically launched Tamir interceptors that can provide 360-degree coverage instead of the narrower arc of the land version.

Also, unlike the Iron Dome, the C-Dome does not require a special radar system to operate. Instead, it interacts with the ship’s surveillance radar.

As part of a recent sea trial, the C-Dome was linked to the Magen Adir radar, which is a multifunctional electronically scanned active array maritime radar system.

Israel successfully tested a naval version of the Iron Dome air defense system 2

“Today we celebrate another historic milestone for the Iron Dome defense system, the completion of a series of successful sea tests of a missile defense system aboard a warship,” said Moshe Patel, director of the Israel Missile Defense Organization.

“The advanced detection system has accurately identified a variety of threats, including rocket fire, cruise missiles and UAVs. The system successfully intercepted threats with surgical precision.

The success of today’s tests further strengthens our confidence in our missile defense systems as well as the Israeli Navy’s ability to protect the State of Israel’s maritime assets.”


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