Israel predicted a devastating earthquake in the coming decades

(ORDO NEWS) — In 1927, a strong earthquake struck the territory washed by the Dead Sea. Then 500 people died, and 700 were injured. The strike fell on Amman (the capital of Jordan), Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Jaffa.

At the bottom of the Dead Sea is the Syrian-African Rift, which stretches for 6.5 thousand km. It follows the border between Israel and Jordan. According to Shmuel Marko, a specialist from Tel Aviv University, Israel will soon experience the consequences of the disaster again. The magnitude is expected to be 6.5 points. This power is enough to destroy buildings.

Scientists have drilled on the seabed to collect sediment samples. They can tell in detail about all earthquakes over the past 220 thousand years. Each layer is approximately one millimeter thick. It is important to note that the forecast is statistical. A catastrophe can occur both in this decade and in 20-30 years. In any case, everyone should be prepared not only for the very fact of an earthquake, but also for a higher magnitude (7.5 points).


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