Isaac Newton tried to unravel the pyramid code to find out the end of the world

(ORDO NEWS) — Isaac Newton is known to the world as an outstanding physicist who has formed more than one law in different areas of physical science. Few people know that the scientist tried to figure out the code of the pyramids in order to determine the date of the biblical apocalypse.

Only two centuries after Newton’s death did it become known about his hobbies for alchemy and theology, some sections of which are full of mysteries. Some of the found works of the scientist were presented at the Sotheby’s auction. Several sheets contain codes hidden in the Bible and the Egyptian pyramids. Newton believed that deciphering the information would reveal the exact date of the end of the world.

The works were partially burnt (Newton’s dog could have knocked over a candle on them), but this did not stop them being less fascinating. In his works, the scientist tried to find the unit of measurement used by it in the past by the Egyptian builders. The Egyptians could know the width of the planet. Finding out the data would allow us to find out the secrets of the size of the Temple of Solomon and the First Temple, in order to further understand the hidden meaning of the scriptures.

Newton’s colleagues described him as a secretive, neurotic, irritable person. He thought he was the new messiah who came to save the world, said Patricia Farah of Cambridge University, where Newton once worked. He later moved to England on an estate in South Kesteven to hide from criticism.


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