Is why you should drink a glass of water after every cup of coffee

(ORDO NEWS) — In some coffee shops , a glass of water is always served with a cup of coffee.

Clean drinking water is actually not only needed to cleanse the taste buds. In total, there are 4 reasons that prove the benefits of water after a shot of caffeine.

Why coffee + a glass of water = health benefits:

Reason 1

Effective fight against dehydration – a morning portion of coffee can be taken only after drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach.

The body really needs liquid to wake up and work normally. The body wakes up already dehydrated, and coffee (instant and brewed) is a product with a diuretic effect.

Therefore, for every cup of invigorating drink you drink, you need 1 glass of pure water.

Reason 2

Reduce stomach irritation – coffee irritates the stomach. Therefore, it cannot always be taken on an empty stomach.

A highly concentrated drink can cause heartburn. A glass of water will help eliminate this possibility.

Reason 3

Reduces excess caffeine and it’s true. Caffeine contains theobromine substance, it begins to act on the body 25 minutes after it enters it. This substance causes fatigue, weakness or apathy.

A glass of water will reduce the concentration of theobromine and improve the pleasant sensations from Americano, cappuccino, espresso.

Reason 4

It’s tastier like this – water will clean the taste buds, so the drink will seem richer and tastier.

By the way, you can also rinse your mouth with water after coffee. This will help to wash away the plaque, the teeth will remain clean.

The main thing is that the water before and after coffee should be at room temperature, not ice. Cold liquid is less effective.

The body will spend energy first to heat it up, and only then to eliminate the negative effects of caffeine on the body.


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