Is Trump ready to stop the flow of migrants?

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — This week, President Donald Trump announced his intention to sign a decree banning legal immigration to America. “In connection with the invisible enemy’s attack and the need to protect jobs for our citizens, I will sign a decree to temporarily suspend immigration to the United States!” He wrote on Twitter. It is not yet clear what his statement means in practice. In addition, it clearly contradicts his recent tweet about the imminent end of the coronavirus crisis and the rapid recovery of the economy.

The White House has not yet commented on the decree. The fact is that legal immigration has already been practically suspended: all ceremonies for obtaining American citizenship have been canceled, and all visa centers have been closed. Perhaps Trump had in mind holders of green cards and H-1B visas. But then the future restriction will inflict a powerful blow on Silicon Valley, whose companies are massively recruiting engineers from China and India. Immigrants also make up nearly a third of doctors and surgeons in America.

It is also unclear how the ban will affect seasonal agricultural workers, most of whom are Mexicans. Trump previously supported the introduction of special agricultural visas. “We want them to come. We do not close the border and do not try to ban the entry of these people,” he said in early April. “They have been working in the fields for many years, and I promised farmers nothing to change. Otherwise, we will not have farmers ” It’s hard to believe that in such a short period of time his position has changed dramatically, writes The National Interest.

Legally, Trump has every reason to issue this decree. His last ban on foreigners entering the United States was approved by the Supreme Court. In addition, the White House may cite the coronavirus pandemic and emergency as grounds. True, various public organizations will almost certainly try to challenge his decision in court.

The anti-immigration decree, according to observers, is aimed at Trump’s base electorate, and organizations like NumbersUSA and American Workers Coalition have already supported his statement. Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton, who has long opposed legal immigration, also expressed his approval.

At the same time, this decision may increase the split within the Republican Party, since immigration is openly supported by the business world and the US Chamber of Commerce. In addition, this decree will provide Joe Biden, a former vice president and future Democratic presidential candidate, with the opportunity to simultaneously act as a friend of the business community and advocate for America’s traditional image as an immigrant country.

But the biggest threat to this decree is that Trump’s political opponents will call this step another attempt by the president to divert public attention from his failed fight against coronavirus. Despite mass testing and quarantine, authorities cannot stop the spread of the dangerous virus. To date, 750 thousand Americans are infected with COVID-19 and more than 42 thousand have died.

According to a recent poll by The Washington Post, most Americans (54%) believe that the president is not struggling effectively with the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, 72% of the respondents give a positive assessment to the governors of their states for how they overcome the crisis.


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