Is there intelligent life at the center of our galaxy?

(ORDO NEWS) — The search for “brothers in mind” has been going on for a long time. But so far, these searches have not brought positive results – we have not found aliens. The cosmos is silent, leaving us alone.

The idea that intelligent extraterrestrial life exists somewhere in the galaxy has been around for a long time. And this idea “sprouted” in the form of numerous films and books.

But it also worries scientists who are carefully looking for evidence of life on other planets. This time, they used the Murchison Wide Field Array (MWA) radio telescopes to find technosignatures in the center of the Milky Way that would indicate the existence of an intelligent civilization.

Is there intelligent life at the center of our galaxy 2

More about the study

The search for signals that were hypothetically of artificial origin was carried out in the range of 155 megahertz in the direction of the galactic center.

This sector of the celestial sphere was chosen because more stars fell into the field of view of the MWA. Also, according to preliminary simulations, it is around the center of the Milky Way (within 3,200 world years) that there may be the best conditions for the origin of life.

A total of seven hours of observations were made using the Murchison Widefield Array over two days. The scientists tried to get technosignatures from some of the 144 star systems that have exoplanets and fell into the “field of view” of the MWA.

However, as in previous times, the observations did not bring positive results. Of course, this does not mean that life does not exist:

  • It may turn out that life exists, but is not yet sufficiently developed to use radio waves.
  • Or these radio waves have not yet reached the Earth.
  • Or it may turn out that we are the most technologically advanced race in the galaxy.
  • There is also a banal explanation – there really is no intelligent life in the direction of observations.

Scientists also plan to study globular star clusters in this way. Although they are not so promising – after all, the density of stars in globular clusters is too high, and it is more difficult for us to understand the conditions for life we ​​understand – but scientists still want to test these objects.


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