Is there a limit to human life and can it be reached

Each of us wants to live as long as possible. In theory, medicine can extend our lives , but how much? Is there a biological limit to the duration of human existence?

(ORDO NEWS) — Statistics say that every year the average life expectancy in developed countries is growing. To trust such figures or not, of course, is a moot point, but what can be said for sure – with every century people begin to live longer and longer. The main role in increasing the life span is played by its image and medicine. If you monitor your health and do not expose yourself to excessive stress and stress, then there is a chance to live a long and happy life.

Until now, the oldest people on Earth only lived to be 120 years old (not counting the French Jeanne Kalman, who allegedly lived to be 122 years old, but turned out to beacon artist posing as her mother). After analyzing the data on many centenarians, scientists have come to the conclusion that today this age is the limit of human existence. Interestingly, other researchers have shown that up to age 105, the risk of death from age-related diseases gradually increases, but after this age, it reaches a plateau and becomes constant.

If this is true, then in theory the limit of human life is much further than we believe today. To achieve it and improve the quality of life of older people, people will have to improve the environment, the quality of medicine, and the way of life. Also, to prolong life, external intervention, and correction of biochemical processes in our body will be required.

Since aging occurs in part due to the accumulation of genetic mutations and the action of free radicals within the human body, it is necessary to carry out special procedures for the elderly to biochemically rejuvenate them. So far, drugs for such changes have not been developed, but even after synthesis, they have a long process of clinical testing and entry into the mass market.


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