Is the universe an algorithm? “Zoom in and you see pixels”

(ORDO NEWS) — Physicists and philosophers have long been trying to understand the nature of reality itself. One university professor suggested conducting a “weird thought experiment” to find out if the universe is just a simulation.

Until the 20th century, it was believed that classical physics creates a favorable environment for determinism. However, the era of quantum physics has arrived, where nothing – not even the very fabric of reality – can be taken for granted.

In his I am – GOD thought experiment, author and professor at the University of the Isle of Man, Peter Morrison, presented the universe as a computer simulation designed to entertain gamers from higher dimensions.

Morrison: “The hypothesis is dark and trivial because it reflects my own sense of nihilism back in 2012 when I originally wrote it.”

He hypothesizes whether the granular nature of perceived reality is a consequence of bits in the “Higher Reality computer code.”

“For example, why do we perceive light as photons in the electromagnetic effect?” This “lower reality of matter” seems divisible rather than continuous.

“And the idea of ​​granularity involves computer coding, in which simulations have been created from discrete bits of information. Enlarge the image enough, for example when using a particle accelerator, and you will see pixels.”

“Similarly, the concept of coding has an interesting parallel in the extent to which our material reality can be explained by mathematics.”

While this theory may seem extremely contrived, Morrison believes that he is simply following in the footsteps of idealism in philosophy.

“Questioning the point of view of a modeled universe is really no different from questioning a truly independent universe.

“Simulation scenarios tend to be dystopian, but as dramatic as they are, this is not an inevitable conclusion. If the universe is based on an algorithm, this does not exclude the existence of a “God”, especially since the simulation implies a “Creator.”

“After all, if we are a creation of a Supreme Being, why should we expect He / She to use mysticism and not science? As for who or what this Supreme Being could be, there is no final conclusion.

“However, it is possible that it could even be us, that is, we would be our own creators.”

“Multiple stories” that allow time travel are “mathematically possible.”

“After all, we are already using virtual reality as a means of preparing for extremely difficult ‘real life’ situations.


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