Is Russia to blame for everything? No matter how

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — On May 21, the United States announced its withdrawal from the Open Skies Treaty. This step was not a surprise, because they had planned it for a long time.

This agreement gives the countries participating in the agreement the right to use unarmed aircraft for flying in each other’s airspace for observation purposes. It was concluded to increase the transparency of military activities and strengthen mutual trust between states. Since the entry into force of the treaty in 2002, the United States and Russia have been constantly debating about its implementation.

After coming to power, Trump froze cooperation with Russia on inspection flights. Since the second half of last year, the United States has repeatedly stated its intention to withdraw from the treaty, checking the reaction of other parties.

This time, America again resorted to this technique. It is clear that this is done in order to “turn the arrows” on others. In every possible way accusing Russia of violating the treaty, the US is trying to relieve itself of responsibility. It is quite obvious that in the light of recent efforts to modernize and replace nuclear weapons, the resumption of research, development and testing of medium-range ground-based missiles, the active development of hypersonic weapons and other actions to build up military power, and also due to various operations at secret facilities, the United States can no longer allow Russian planes to conduct sightseeing flights.

In addition, in recent years, Americans have been intensively developing their military capabilities in outer space and mastering more and more sophisticated means of satellite intelligence, thanks to which, as expected.

Parties to the Open Skies Treaty are not only the United States and Russia, but also more than 30 other countries, including US allies in the NATO, such as Britain, France and Canada. Given the importance of this treaty to strengthen mutual trust between the West and Russia, to prevent mistakes and escalate tensions, and to maintain regional security and stability in Europe, it is obvious that the allies of the United States do not want the treaty to be canceled.

At a time when America announced its intentions, countries urged it not to withdraw from the treaty and resolve differences through dialogue and consultation. But the United States has clearly ignored the words of the Allies and continues to stand firmly on its own.

As a spokeswoman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry said, “This step by the United States is yet another negative manifestation of the commitment to the Cold War mentality, the desire for American unilateralism, as well as a violation of international obligations. This does not help strengthen mutual trust and increase military transparency between countries, threatens regional security and stability, and negatively affects the disarmament and arms control process.”

Recalling cases of breach of obligations and withdrawal from various treaties in recent years, it can be judged that the United States continues to follow the path of unilateralism and adhere to the principle of “America First.” Withdrawing from the ABM Treaty in 2001, withdrawing from the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program in 2018, withdrawing from the INF Treaty in 2019, canceling the signing of the Arms Trade Treaty … So far, the United States has not made a clear statement on the extension of START-3 . Recently, news was underway that America was considering resuming nuclear testing. The United States is gradually pushing the international arms control system to the abyss.

In fact, US actions relate not only to strategic security and arms control, but also to the economy, trade, climate change, refugee migration, human rights, education, science, culture and health. Even on the issue of the coronavirus infection epidemic, the United States has a sharp and selfish stance, especially with regard to the World Health Organization. Such a practice of prioritizing one’s interests over the interests of the international community does not meet the minimum criteria of a responsible member of the international community, not to mention the moral responsibility and obligations that a permanent member of the UN Security Council must bear.

Even more paradoxically, the United States, which has repeatedly violated its obligations, defiantly advocates maintaining a “rule-based” international order and even calls on China to join the so-called tripartite negotiations to conclude a new arms control treaty. The question arises, how to conduct serious negotiations with the state, which violates promises and prefers to act arbitrarily? Even if the contract is concluded, how to be sure that the obligations will indeed be fulfilled? How to guarantee that the country will not again withdraw from the treaty ?! Until America completely changes its current policy and real actions do not earn the trust of the international community, to conduct any negotiations with this country will be pointless.

The American proverb says: when you point at someone with your finger, do not forget – the other four fingers point at you. It is hoped that the United States will no longer shirk responsibility and shift it to others. Instead, they will rethink their actions and begin to act for the good of peace and international security, progress and development of mankind.


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