Is it true that NASA spent a million dollars to create a ‘space pen’

(ORDO NEWS) — A rather popular legend has it that NASA once spent a million dollars to develop a “space pen” capable of writing in zero gravity. However, the Soviet cosmonauts were smarter and used graphite pencils.

Until 1967, American astronauts used felt-tip pens. Then preference was given to mechanical pencils in metal cases, which were made to order and in small quantities. The cost of one such pencil was about $100.

In 1967, the Fisher Space Pen Co. (without a third party request or funding) created the AG7 Space Pen, capable of writing underwater, at extremely low and high temperatures, and in zero gravity.

The creators handed over several copies to NASA so that astronauts could test the invention outside the Earth.

Is it true that NASA spent a million dollars to create a space pen 2
Astronaut Walter Cunningham writes with the AG7 Space Pen during the Apollo 7 flight

As part of the NASA Apollo lunar program , AG7 Space Pens were purchased at a price of six dollars apiece. Astronauts from NASA’s Artemis lunar program will continue to use the AG7 Space Pen.


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