Is it really all a myth that official science considers them to be

(ORDO NEWS) — Today, we published some of the most striking examples of how science has denied the existence of platypuses, gorillas, okapis, Komodo dragons, and giant squids just because living or dead representatives of these species were not presented.

Just think, it took centuries to recognize the existence of animals that no one in their right mind would now think of calling “myth and fiction.”

But if these “mythical” animals turned out to be real, then what about Nessie, Sasquatch, dragons, Dwarves, Fairies and mermaids?

Why are people who believe in them still subject to ridicule in the scientific community?

The aforementioned animals and in fact all “mythical monsters” have at least one thing in common. They live in remote, hard-to-reach regions of the planet.

These animals remained cryptids for so long because European scientists had not yet had the opportunity to fully study their habitat. Once they do, these animals are no longer cryptids.

The problem is that apart from the oceans, most of the earth’s landmass is not yet well understood. Huge territories are covered with impenetrable jungles, mountain ranges, underground caves, etc.

Another common feature of most “mythical monsters” is that they were discovered a long time ago and “official science” considers all these ancient references to be “legends and myths.”

But African tribes have been talking about okapi and mountain gorillas for centuries. Similarly, the indigenous peoples of Australia were familiar with the platypus, but scientists still denied their existence.

The inconvenient truth is that the only reason these animals have never been taken seriously is scientific racism. For the most part, something remained mysterious until European scientists said otherwise after seeing it with their own eyes.

Centuries of local testimonies were ignored because European scholars of the colonial era did not respect the indigenous people of those places.

Do you think things have changed these days? No. Nothing changed. There is a real dictatorship in “official science” and any person who considers himself a scientist, in order for the “scientific community” to recognize him as a scientist, is obliged to publish research in European or Western scientific journals, and only these representatives of the “light of the civilized world” can issue a verdict whether to accept the study or not.

If European scientists weren’t in the mountains of China and couldn’t catch a dragon, does that mean dragons are a myth?

Locals have for centuries told of encounters with dragons that live in a network of mountain caves.

There are still distant corners of the world and the bottomless depths of the oceans that we have not yet explored. There are many “mythical creatures”

Why should we blindly trust the verdicts of “official science” about what exists and what is “myth”?


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