Is it possible to die from lack of sunlight

(ORDO NEWS) — Sunlight has a negative effect on human skin. Earlier we said that the sun’s rays damage our skin cells, as a result of which the aging process is accelerated and even oncology can develop. In addition, it depresses the immune system.

At the same time, sunlight is a source of vitamin D. But can a person do without sunlight at all, for example, to prolong the youth of his skin? And what will happen to the body in such a situation?

Of course, it is difficult to imagine a person who would completely protect himself from sunlight and lead the lifestyle of Count Dracula.

Nevertheless, as it turned out recently, there has already been a similar case in history. True, we are not talking about an adult, but a child who lived in the Renaissance.

Is it possible to die from lack of sunlight 2
The sun has both negative and positive effects on the body, but can a person live without it?

What did the child of Austrian aristocrats die of?

A group of German scientists conducted a study of the mummy of Reichard Wilhelm, the firstborn of Count Starhemberg. It is believed that the count was a powerful member of the Austrian aristocracy.

His son was born between the 14th and 17th centuries and died at the age of 10-18 months. The baby’s mummy was found in a family crypt in a wooden coffin. The child’s body was wrapped in a hooded silk cloak.

Conditions in the crypt were such that natural mummification occurred. This made it possible to establish the causes of death and some information about the child’s living conditions.

Computed tomography showed anomalies in the development of the baby’s ribs. They contained the classic signs of malnutrition, as the researchers reported in the journal Frontiers in Medicine.

The ribs showed characteristic signs of rickets or scurvy. True, scientists did not find the curvature of the bones characteristic of rickets. But it could be absent for the reason that the child did not crawl and did not walk.

Is it possible to die from lack of sunlight 3
Fragment of the mummy of a child, which was discovered in the crypt of Count Count Starhemberg

However, malnutrition is unlikely in a wealthy family. In addition, the study showed that the boy was overweight, which means that he was all right with food.

As Andreas Nerlich says, obesity and vitamin deficiencies can occur only in one case – if the child was well fed, but at the same time grew up in conditions of complete absence of sunlight.

In addition, the study showed that the child had pneumonia at the time of death. She may have been the cause of her early death.

Children with rickets are known to be more vulnerable to pneumonia. Thus, the lack of sunlight could indirectly cause the child’s death.

Is it possible to die from lack of sunlight 4
Computed tomography showed rib defects characteristic of rickets

Son of a powerful Austrian count

As we have already said above, the baby was buried in a crypt, which was intended only for the counts of Starhemberg. In addition to the title holders, their wives and firstborns were also buried in the crypt.

Therefore, scientists have suggested that the buried child is the firstborn of the count. Radiocarbon dating of the skin showed that the boy was buried between 1550-1635.

But, according to historical records, the burial took place around 1600, after a major overhaul of the crypt.

Researchers cannot yet answer the question why the boy was buried in a wooden coffin, and not a metal one, like the rest of the family.

Moreover, the coffin was of insufficient size, as evidenced by the deformation of the skull. An even more interesting question is why the baby was without sunlight? But we are unlikely to be able to get an answer to it.

Is it possible to die from lack of sunlight 5
Computer three-dimensional reconstruction of the bones of the skull

How many people can live without the sun

So, the absence of the sun could indirectly cause the death of the child. But can a person live without sunlight, and how quickly will he die if he suddenly finds himself in such a situation?

The sun provides our body with vitamin D, but the same vitamin can be obtained from certain foods. For example, a large amount of it is found in cod liver and fish oil.

That is, theoretically, a person can live without the sun. Moreover, there are cases when people spent several years without sunlight.

For example, in Tatarstan there was a sect of faizrakhmanists (faizrakhmanites), whose members (about 70 people) lived underground for a long time without going outside.

When law enforcers discovered this sect, some children saw the sun for the first time in their lives, as they were born and raised underground.

There were no cases of death due to lack of sunlight among members of the sect.


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