Is it possible to build and launch a rocket yourself

(ORDO NEWS) — You don’t have to be a billionaire to launch reusable rockets. Anonymous RC channel host Lover san took over as designer, tester, and manufacturer, worked for free, with enthusiasm and skill – and designed his own vehicle capable of vertical landing and return to Earth.

These are modified versions of conventional “water” or pyrotechnic rockets, the nose cone of which is equipped with a nozzle with four kick-out rotors from cheap drones. Taking off, she opens them and safely returns to the surface.

Most modelers do not work for sale, and some masterpieces cost a round sum to them. Petr Pavlík’s team is pursuing such highly complex projects: their two- and three-stage rockets are powerful enough to carry payloads such as video cameras on board and record in flight. And although it didn’t come to reusable carriers, some stages return by parachute.

The launches of space shuttles that have already completed their flights are also being modeled. The next video presents a demonstration launch of the carrier with the separation of the “spaceship”, its independent flight and landing, which, unfortunately, ended in an accident. The work of Italian modelers was shown at the Flight at Manching 2017 festival.

However, I would like to finish with a classic – the famous model of the “lunar” rocket Saturn V, made by Steve Ives back in 2009 – a record for “home” modeling. Its impressive launch still holds the record in amateur modeling: the mass of the rocket was 750 kg at a height of 11 m. Even at a scale of 1:10, it allows you to feel the real power of rocket technology.


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