Is it necessary to plant plants according to the lunar calendar

(ORDO NEWS) — It seems, well, what connection can there be between the phases of the moon and the growth of plants? This is what the author of this article does not understand.

Do not waste time waiting for the right phase of the moon – it still will not help you grow the best crop, because the plants do not care if it is a full moon or a new moon

Many still believe that if you plant according to the phases of the moon, it is more likely to survive and grow better than if this rule is neglected.

But no research on this topic, no matter what they say, has not appeared lately. That is, none of the scientists could prove that the phases of the moon really affect how cucumbers or tomatoes grow.

Why does the moon not affect plants

It is easier to ask the question: why should it affect any processes inside plants at all? There is no doubt that the Moon controls the ebb and flow, but plants do not fit into this gravitational influence.

The reason for this is the size of the plants. If you look at the law of gravitational attraction, it turns out that it depends on the masses of objects attracted to each other.

The mass of a plant is a huge number of times less than the mass of water on the surface of the Earth, so it will not feel any gravitational attraction from the Moon.

What other effects might there be? Some believe that due to the circadian rhythms of plants (the so-called biological clock), they may be susceptible to lunar cycles.

But this is not so: the internal clock of plants reacts to the change of seasons and day to night, the moon does not fit in here at all.

Be that as it may, it is worth stopping using the lunar calendar for planting. If you think this method works, just try not to follow it and nothing will change. It’s like the placebo effect, but it doesn’t work with plants.


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