Is humanity waiting for the end of the world in 2022?

(ORDO NEWS) — Will next year be more difficult than the coronavirus? Predictions for 2022 from Vanga, Nostradamus, the prophet Moses and modern theories will reveal all the secrets of the future.

What the coming year is preparing for us, everyone ponders, and what if the prophecies of famous predictors come true, as has happened more than once? 

We propose to find out what the famous Wanga, Nostradamus and even Bill Gates have guessed and check whether the inhabitants of the Earth will avoid global catastrophes in 2022 and whether the Apocalypse will come?

Anunnaki – end of the world 2022


The most frightening thing that earthlings can expect is the return of the alien civilization of the Anunnaki, as the ancient Sumerians called their gods who descended from heaven and created humanity.

Supporters of conspiracy theories argue that the return of an advanced space race promises massive destruction for the inhabitants of our planet, its global sweep. Maximilian de Lafayette wrote about this in his book “The Anunnaki Code 2022: The End of the World and Their Return to Earth”. 

If technologically savvy humanoids set foot on Earth in 2022, then after culling people with unkind souls, they will take human specimens with pure DNA with them to Nibiru, taking the best examples of earthly structures and masterpieces of art. It is believed that in this way they will preserve the best representatives of humanity until the third planet is completely cleared.


According to the observations of astronomers, which they have been conducting for eight years, soon two stars will collide in the constellation Cygnus, this will give birth to a star.

Religious ministers in Israel believe that the appearance of a new star speaks of the coming of the Messiah, and cite a verse from the Bible to support it.

“I see Him, but now I am not yet; I see Him, but not close. A star rises from Jacob and a rod rises from Israel, and smites the princes of Moab and crushes all the sons of Seth, ”it is written in the Book of Numbers.

Bill Gates

The creator Microsoft also noted among those who know exactly what the coming year is in store for us. The ability to make billions speaks of his incredible ability to predict the processes in society and his words are definitely worth listening to, perceiving them as the most realistic.

Bill Gates is confident that the coronavirus restrictions will continue to apply, especially if the Americans do not help other countries get rid of the infection and if vaccinations are slow. As for the business, it will not yet be able to function normally, as it was in pre-dock times.



The French soothsayer Nostradamus “saw” in 2022 the danger emanating from nature in the form of cataclysms and man – in the form of wars and conflicts.

The clairvoyant has prepared a powerful earthquake for North America, its consequences will affect the whole continent: a humanitarian catastrophe will cover the mainland.

But not everything will be so bad, positive changes to mankind are brought about by the constantly developed super technologies, it is precisely in them that the “rescue stick” is hidden for people. Also, the great Nostradamus predicted the development of an elixir of youth, but the drug that will lengthen the human century will not be available to everyone next year. But you should not despair, the time will come for its mass distribution.


Vangas predictions that didnt come true

Baba Vanga, a blind soothsayer from Bulgaria, echoes the French Nostradamus, predicting fateful, sometimes destructive events around the world.

However, according to the Bulgarian sorceress, the changes can also be constructive: in 2022, the flourishing of humanity and a new round of development are possible.


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