Is COVID-19 vaccination dangerous for pregnant women?

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists conducted a study and found out whether the coronavirus vaccine can harm the body of a pregnant woman.

The experiment was carried out by Israeli scientists who work at the Institute for Research and Innovation of the Maccabi Health Insurance Fund.

In order to establish exactly how the vaccine will affect the child, 24,000 women in labor took part in the study. 17 of them were vaccinated directly during pregnancy. The study took into account several different indicators:

  • The weight of the child at birth;
  • The presence of cases of hospitalization;
  • Child mortality rate;
  • The presence of premature birth;
  • Mother’s age;
  • The presence of congenital malformations in a child;
  • Gestational age;
  • Has the woman been seasonally vaccinated against viruses;
  • Demographic indicators.

The results of the study clearly demonstrated that stronger and healthier children were born after vaccination.

At the same time, the rate of preterm birth after vaccination reached 4.2%, and in the group of women in labor who did not get vaccinated, it was 4.8%.

If we talk about the indicators when children needed urgent hospitalization, they amounted to 5.1% in the group of vaccinated mothers, 5.3% in the second group.

The presence of congenital malformations was about the same regardless of whether the coronavirus vaccine was given or not. There were also no differences in indicators that related to the level of child mortality.


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