Is a cold shower really useful – the results of the experiment

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(ORDO NEWS) — Are cold showers really as good for health as they say? For a long time, a journalist from America, Matt Futch, was interested in this issue. For two months, he took daily cold showers, and also attended expert consultations on how correct such a practice was.

Experts note that a cold shower can help increase the amount of energy and it will be enough for the whole day. In addition, metabolism is noticeably improved and mood is improved. Futch decided to check how true all this is.

Previously, the journalist consulted with experts. One of the experts was David Sinclair, a Harvard biologist who studies longevity. He believes that cool water can not only improve the immune system, but also the overall health of a person.

Sinclair hypothesized that early humans lived outdoors all the time. At the same time, relatively low temperature regimes were recorded. They were able to survive even the ice age and successfully migrated during the cold climate. The human body is designed in such a way that it is able to adapt very well to the most extreme temperatures.

In the modern world, people live in comfortable conditions, so the body becomes more vulnerable to most diseases and does not always respond normally to shock temperature fluctuations.

The proposed hypothesis is also based on hormesis. It implies that a certain amount of pain will be beneficial to human health. Examples of hormesis, in addition to immersion in cold water, include dietary starvation, as well as exhausting physical exertion.

Start taking a shower with moderately warm water. After the body adapts, the water temperature gradually decreases. Matt took cold showers several times a week. Soon his body got used to the cold water and he was able to withstand for several minutes. Then he began to increase the time to consolidate the result.

At the end of his experiment, Matt confirmed that cold showers do indeed benefit the body. The journalist noted the increase in the level of efficiency. Every day he felt a surge of energy. Positive changes were also noticed by Mat’s relatives.


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