Is 5G technology really dangerous?

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Many sources prescribe 5G great health hazard. Allegedly, the technology is able to provoke oncological diseases and simply negatively affect the state of people. Scientists, in turn, do not see any danger.

If you delve into all the claims and resentments, you can come across wild “conspiracy theories.” Some people are sure 5G is on the same line with weapons that it is a weapon of mass destruction.

People also believe that newer technology uses ever shorter wavelengths that have not been studied by scientists. It turns out that they put experiments on everyone, people are like guinea pigs.

Howard Jones, head of the technology communications department at EE’s UK-based mobile network provider, said that absolutely all frequencies had already been used in practice before, just for other purposes.

5G is the same technology as 4G and 3G, only more advanced. Its operation requires higher frequencies. The higher the frequency, the smaller the area covered by each base station (cell tower). Therefore, for normal coverage, operators will have to put more towers.

High frequencies, such as 3600 MHz, have a lot of energy, and they extend a maximum of several hundred meters. It is the intensity of these waves that scares many. Experts, in turn, destroy the myth of high-intensity high frequencies.


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