IOS 13.5 introduces coronavirus updates

(ORDO NEWS) — Apple has released the next update to the iOS operating system at 13.5. According to The Verge , the new version has several features whose appearance is due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Now devices with Face ID can be unlocked immediately with a password, skipping face identification. This is done in order to speed up access to the iPhone for people who wear protective masks. On previous versions of iOS, gadget owners had to wait a while for the device to recognize their appearance.

Also, iOS 13.5 introduced a system for tracking contacts with people infected with a coronavirus – Apple developed it together with Google. If the owner of the iPhone gets sick, he can notify the program about it, and all other users with whom the patient could contact will receive a notification about a possible infection.

The tracking system is configured so that the meeting of two people is recorded as a contact, if their devices are close to each other for at least five minutes – this is the best time for transmitting the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The application will operate in Bluetooth Low Energy mode and consume battery resources to a minimum.

An important innovation affected group calls on FaceTime. To make it easier to understand which one of your interlocutors is talking specifically, the program will bring its window to the forefront, temporarily removing all others to the background. It is also worth mentioning the possibility of sending your medical card to doctors when calling an ambulance and a function that allows you to share music from Apple Tunes on Instagram.

IOS developers fixed two vulnerabilities that allowed attacking a smartphone through the Mail application. The first made it possible to remotely infect the gadget through malicious email messages, and the second – to remotely execute code. Two bugs in OC were also fixed: one of them led to the disappearance of all elements from the “Share” menu if the user had the WhatsApp messenger installed, and the second gave a black screen when trying to play streaming video.


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