Invisible stars: astronomers seek the source of a powerful gravitational wave

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts believe that the incomprehensible ripples that have arisen in the fabric of space-time were not entirely caused by the collision of two huge black holes.

Back in 2020, scientists recorded gravitational waves from the collision of incredibly large black holes. But today the team of specialists is not entirely sure that these waves were caused precisely by the collision. Some experts believe that the cause may be a collision between two hypothetically bosonic stars.

As a rule, gravitational waves arise as a result of collisions between black holes or well-known neutron stars. With the help of special equipment, these waves are recorded at the moment when they reach the Earth and then analyzed. An accurate analysis allows you to find out the mass of objects that took part in the collision.

In turn, bosonic stars are composed of an elementary particle – a boson. They function in much the same way as black holes. Such stars are able to draw in matter from the space that surrounds them. The only difference in this case is that bosonic stars do not have a point of no return, and therefore they will not look black, but rather transparent or even invisible.

Juan Calderón Bustillo added that the analyzes of gravitational waves show the possibility that the collision was of bosonic stars, and not black holes.


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