Inverted skyscraper in New York: what Affirmation Tower looks like, project details

(ORDO NEWS) — Sir David Adjaye’s architectural firm plans to build a new skyscraper in New York. What other high-rise building can surprise the Big Apple?

Today we will tell you about the project of the unusual inverted skyscraper Affirmation Tower and how the building is planned to be built.

Architects around the world dream of building their own skyscraper in New York, but how can they surprise?

They decided to name the building Affirmation Tower, which literally translates as “Affirmation Tower”. It will become one of the tallest buildings in the Western Hemisphere.

The design is also amazing! Affirmation Tower will look like an upside-down skyscraper.

Inverted skyscraper in New York what Affirmation Tower looks like project details 2Affirmation Tower architect David Adjaye was born in 1966 in Tanzania. He spent most of his life in the UK and was awarded the title of Knight of the British Empire in 2017

What will Affirmation Tower look like?

It is assumed that the inverted skyscraper will be located in Manhattan. The shape of this high-rise building will consist of a series of block sections stacked on top of each other.

They will create a stepped profile that increases in width as it rises. The skyscraper will be 506 meters high, and although the press release says that the Affirmation Tower will be the “tallest building in the hemisphere”, this title will remain with World Trade Center 1, which reaches a height of 546 meters.

Prior to this, the architectural bureau Adjaye in New York had already built a 244-meter house.

Inverted skyscraper in New York what Affirmation Tower looks like project details 3According to the architect and developer, they did not make the skyscraper taller than the World Trade Center building for one specific reason: September 11, 2001. Out of respect for the 2996 people who lost their lives in one of New York’s most tragic events. Therefore, the team decided to make the Affirmation Tower slightly shorter in spire height

However, the Affirmation Tower will certainly be the second tallest skyscraper in the west and the 11th tallest in the world.

Inside the skyscraper will be commercial office space, as well as two hotels, NAACP headquarters, an observation deck, an ice rink, an entertainment complex, a rooftop cafe, and even a ballroom.

Inverted skyscraper in New York what Affirmation Tower looks like project details 4Unlike many New York City skyscrapers made of reflective glass and brushed steel, the design team chose something different for the upside-down skyscraper: a white terrazzo fa├žade


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