Invasion of magma under the caldera of the Long Valley supervolcano confirmed

(ORDO NEWS) — Long Valley is considered a supervolcano that has burned thousands of square meters in the western United States in the past. According to the latest information, a huge tank measuring 240 cubic meters. miles in eastern California is filled with magma. She can start going out at any time.

Caldera Long Valley is located near Mammoth Mountain, its depth is 910 meters. It arose as a result of the strongest eruption 760 thousand years ago.


The magma chamber was temporarily devastated, but now a serious danger is brewing again. There is enough magma to spawn another large-scale eruption. Moreover, its number is increasing.

In 1980, an earthquake struck that destroyed the southern edge of the caldera and forced it to rise 250 mm. Geologists believe that the likelihood of a magma release in the 21st century is small.

More realistically, in a few thousand years. Before the eruptions, geophysical and geochemical changes in the volcano’s system follow: seismic activity sharply increases, the soil is deformed, the speed and intensity of gas emissions change.

In 1980, 0.29 cubic meters were thrown out. miles of magma, the new event will make 140 cubic meters rise. miles. The scale of the disaster will be enormous.


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