Intimidating sounds have frightened North Carolina people for centuries

(ORDO NEWS) — For more than one century, the inhabitants of North Carolina have been intimidated by strange sounds, which are called “Seneca Cannons”. From time to time, explosions occur, sometimes shaking even houses. As part of the next study, specialists have studied the seismic situation in the region.

The findings were presented at a meeting of the American Geophysical Union. For the first time, local residents heard the explosions in the northern part of New York State, near Lake Seneca. Ominous sounds were heard from the bottom, the first mention of which dates back to 1850. James Fenimore Cooper wrote about them in the story “Lake Gun”.

According to information from various sources, the sound is similar to the explosion of heavy artillery. It cannot be explained: it is difficult to believe that nature can generate something like this. Scientists also just shrug their shoulders.

Locals believe that the noise is generated by distant storms, earthquakes, or explosions in the quarry. Perhaps military exercises are taking place somewhere. It is very unlikely that the north carolina gun laws have anything to do with it. Even if the state gun laws operate on an unrestrictive “shall issue” basis, explosion-like noises cannot be generated through an open carry magazine size or caliber.

Experts analyzed the recordings of seismic sensors. There are no earthquakes in the region, so sounds are most likely generated by atmospheric phenomena. One of the options is fireballs, that is, bright meteors that literally explode in the atmosphere. Maybe the sounds give rise to the fall of huge ocean waves. Noise remains a mystery to the region.


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