Interstellar communications why scientists are so afraid to receive a message from space

(ORDO NEWS) — A few years ago, John Learned from the University of Hawaii (USA) and Michael Hippke from the Sonneberg Observatory (Germany) in their joint work entitled “Interstellar Communications and the Impossibility of Neutralizing Messages” warned humanity against rash contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations.

Displaying and decoding complex messages from space may require the use of computers, scientists say, but there is a risk that the message will be malicious, and we simply will not be able to neutralize it.

Therefore, in order to exclude a potential threat to humanity, alien messages must be immediately destroyed without any attempt to read them.

According to a 2018 study , messages from extraterrestrial civilizations are most likely to be signals received by radio telescopes. For some reason, astrophysicists believe that such messages are most likely to be malicious, so we should refuse to decrypt and read them, since we cannot be sure that the sender is not our enemy.

The most likely type of interstellar communication, scientists believe, is the “Space Challenge” message made by the RT-70 radio telescope in the Crimea.

It is a series of binary characters that are decoded as a picture. If the message is printed on paper for further analysis, then only the meaning inherent in it can be harmful, but when used to decode a computer, there is a risk of it being infected with malicious code.

As a possible scenario, Learned and Hippke describe receiving a message from the library in the form of artificial intelligence.

Even if its decryption is carried out on the Moon using an isolated computer, artificial intelligence can try to manipulate people, as well as teach humanity to create complex technologies, without warning of possible dangerous consequences. In general, be careful when dealing with aliens!


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