Interpol wanted the wife of a diplomat who knocked down a British teenager

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The wife of an American diplomat Anna Sakulas, who last year crushed a young guy in the UK and left the country, using diplomatic immunity, is put on the international wanted list.

Interpol issued a “red notice” regarding Sakulas – this is a search and detention with the prospect of extradition. This was informed to the parents of the deceased, reports Independent.

The incident occurred in August 2019. Not far from Crowton Airbase (Northamptonshire), a 19-year-old Harry Dun’s motorcycle collided with a Sakulas car. The young man died. Presumably, the culprit of the accident was a woman.

It was previously reported that US authorities rejected a UK request for extradition of Sakulas. The U.S. State Department insists that Sakulas cannot be extradited to London, since in the UK she had diplomatic immunity, which allowed her to return to her homeland in the midst of the investigation.

Representatives of the British authorities, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson, expressed indignation both with the act of the spouse of the diplomat and the behavior of the American authorities,


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