Interesting facts about the pyramid of Cheops

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(ORDO NEWS) — The Pyramid of Cheops is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Located in Egypt on the Giza plateau, about 4500 years old, is the largest architectural monument.

Brief information:

  • Another name for the Pyramid of Khufu, “Horizon of Khufu”.
  • Construction began in 2540 BC. e.
  • They are part of the three pyramids of Giza and is the largest.
  • The initial height is 146.6 meters, now it is 138.75 meters, the area is 5.3 hectares, the perimeter is 922 meters.
  • It consists of three rooms: the burial chamber, the room of the Queen and the King with an empty sarcophagus in the center.
  • Ventilation ducts with a width of 13-25 millimeters of unknown purpose come out of the rooms.
  • The internal temperature of the premises is always +20 degrees Celsius, even in the hottest weather.



The builder of the Great Pyramid is called Hemiun – the nephew and vizier of the god himself and bearing the title of “Managing all construction sites of the pharaoh.” Built of granite blocks, it was finished with white limestone on top, and the top with gilded pyramidion stone.

From the sun’s rays, he shone with a bright peach light, as a result, it seemed that Ra himself made the pyramid glow. However, in 1186 the cladding was completely removed for the construction of new houses.


The number of faces of the Cheops pyramid is 8, of which 4 are concave and 4 are convex, which is visible only at a certain angle of incident light, as well as at dawn and dusk before the equinox in summer and autumn.

Interesting facts about the pyramid of Cheops 2


The angle of inclination of the pyramidal faces refers to the double Egyptian seked (51.5 degrees). It is closest to the number Pi and is the “Golden Ratio” and was used in the construction of the Pyramid of Cheops and nowhere else.


According to one version, the Great Pyramid is an astronomical laboratory. After all, its corridors are directed towards the star Tuban, which at that time had the status of the North Star. The southern ventilation ducts lead to Sirius, and the northern ones to Alnitak.


This pyramid is oriented strictly to the north, and each of its faces – to the cardinal points. True, now their error is 5 degrees. But this deviation is associated with a temporary shift of the planet’s magnetic poles.


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