Innsbruck armor for a giant

(ORDO NEWS) — Knightly armor made for a man 2 meters 60 cm tall.

Bartlma Bon was from Riva del Garda in Trenten, Italy. He served as Archduke Ferdinand II of Tyrol, who served Rudolf at Ambras Castle near Innsbruck, located in present-day Austria.

He accompanied Ferdinand’s nephews to the royal tournament at Vienna in 1560.

Innsbruck armor for a giant 2 Innsbruck armor for a giant 3

His armor is indeed kept in the Ambras Castle Museum (Austria) and is on display for everyone who visits the castle.

People sometimes ask: “where is the evidence for the existence of giants?”. 2 meters 60 centimeters! No one even hides the armor and they are exhibited in the museum!


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