Infectious mosquitoes endanger the lives of people in the US

(ORDO NEWS) — American doctors are indignant: amid the fight against coronavirus, authorities have forgotten about other diseases that occur in different seasons. It is known that mosquitoes – carriers of such serious diseases as Zika virus, Dengue fever, etc., have already intensified.

If earlier funds were allocated from special funds to contain the same insects, today almost all funds are used to combat Covid-19. Because of this, experts do not exclude that very soon mosquito-borne diseases will spread throughout the country and outbreaks will occur.

Usually every summer, as part of special programs, the insect population was artificially reduced by treating habitats and breeding with pesticides. Coronavirus radically changed the situation: everyone seemed to have forgotten about other equally dangerous diseases.

Experts believe that mosquitoes, if not stopped, can spread to new territories. In most cases, people carry infections without problems, but there are many serious and fatal cases. Older infections can make it harder to take measures against coronavirus.

Although funding for various programs has been cut, one cannot say that the authorities completely forgot about past dangers to the health of citizens. Scientists from the United Kingdom suggested that their American counterparts purchase genetically modified mosquitoes that kill their brethren and other insects. Bill Gates supported the idea, the US authorities are only considering it. In total, British scientists were able to develop several million mutated mosquitoes.

So far, the situation with mosquitoes is under control, but a little more and it will develop into a big problem. It is no longer possible to procrastinate, therefore, doctors and scientists are sounding the alarm to attract the attention of authorized persons.


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