Inexplicable disappearance of Ettore Majorana and his mysterious reappearance 20 years later

(ORDO NEWS) — The scientist Ettore Majorana was born in Italy in 1906. It is known that he went missing, allegedly dying on March 27, 1938 at the age of 32.

It was alleged that he disappeared or disappeared suddenly under very mysterious circumstances while traveling by ship from Palermo to Naples. Almost 20 years later, he was photographed in Argentina and still looked the same as in 1938.

Strange meeting

Rumors of his death circulated, but nothing was proven until 2011.

In March 2011, Rome’s prosecutors announced an investigation into a bizarre eyewitness claim about a meeting with Majorana in Buenos Aires in the post-World War II years, during which, he said, Majorana recounted a number of major scientific discoveries.

The witness also states that when he returned to meet Majorana for the second time, Majorana had disappeared and therefore could not provide further information about the scientific discoveries.

On June 7, 2011, the Italian media reported that the Carabinieri Service analyzed a photograph of a man taken in Argentina in 1955 and found ten points of similarity with Majorana’s face.

They stated that the photograph was almost certainly Marjoram – which disappeared almost 20 years before the photo was taken.

Strangely, in the photographs of 1938, Majorana looked almost the same age as in 1955. The Carabinieri made no remarks about his inadequacy for age.

Strange discovery

Ettore Majorana was a brilliant scientist, engineer and mathematician, as well as a theoretical physicist (he worked on the neutrino mass). Majorana’s equation and Majorana’s fermions are named after him.

In 1937, Majorana predicted that a stable particle could exist in nature that is both matter and antimatter.

In our everyday experience, there is matter (which is plentiful in our known universe) and antimatter (which is very rare). If matter and antimatter meet, they both annihilate, disappearing in a burst of energy.

Was he trying to do some weird experiment that caused him to disappear in a flash of energy, only to reappear, instantly in a flash, 20 years later?

Conspiracy theory

Rumors about his disappearance have been circulating since the moment when he did not get off the ship on which he was seen in March 1938.

However, even this one specific detail in the case (that Majorana boarded the ship) is controversial. Some believe that he deliberately placed his blende on the ship.

Others believe that the ship ride was simply a fantasy of those he left behind who knew of his true fate but wanted some proof of his disappearance.

Nobel laureate Fermi, discussing the disappearance of Majorana, once said: “Ettore was too smart. If he decided to disappear, no one can find him. Not in this time, not in another”

It seems that he was right. Was Majorana the first time traveler?


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