Indian retiree vaccinated 12 times to get rid of joint pain

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(ORDO NEWS) — An Indian retiree illegally received 12 COVID-19 shots in less than a year before being caught by police. So 84-year-old Brahamdev Mandal (Brahamdev Mandal) tried to get rid of pain in the joints.

He gave a dozen vaccines in just 11 months, and two vaccinations were done at all with a difference of half an hour on the same day. The man said that the injections relieved him of the pain in the joints that he had experienced for eight years.

To vaccinate, the pensioner used fake IDs and lied to health officials. Now the man will be judged. He will be held criminally liable, but the sentence may be commuted due to his advanced age.

Of course, 12 vaccines are not only criminally punishable, but can also be harmful to health. The consequences for the body of Mandala are yet to be seen.


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