Indian resident sterilized instead of COVID-19 vaccine

(ORDO NEWS) — A deaf and dumb man from the small village of Bishanper in India, instead of the promised coronavirus vaccine, underwent a procedure such as a vasectomy.

It is reported by the Times of India.

Dhruva Kumar was taken away from his home by a local activist to allegedly get an urgent COVID-19 vaccine. Instead, the man was sterilized at a local hospital and not even taken home. They took him to the middle of the road and left him there. When he got home, he immediately fell unconscious. Dhruva’s relative became frightened and immediately took him to the clinic.

It is believed that the activist in violation of the law took the man to sterilization in order to fulfill the plan set by the local health department shortly before July 11. Rs 400 was promised as a reward for quality work.

The victim lives with his older brother. The activist promised that if he released Dhruv with her, their family would receive three thousand rupees for the “vaccination”. This is the amount the government pays to those men who are sterilized.

It is worth noting that Dhruv Kumar was not yet married, therefore, in accordance with local legislation, he was prohibited from carrying out such a procedure.

Vasectomy is a surgical procedure during which the vas deferens are partially removed or ligated. After the procedure, a man cannot have children, but his sexual function is fully preserved.


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