Indian prophet Abigya Anand told what will happen in the world in 2023

(ORDO NEWS) — Prophet Abigya Anand predicted what changes will take place in the world by April 2023.

“Changing Human Civilization and Spiritual Enlightenment” – Prophet Abigya Anand on Changes by 2023.

The Indian prophet Abigya Anand is known throughout the world for his supernatural abilities, which help him accurately determine the future. For example, Anand predicted the start of the coronavirus pandemic a year before it began.

The psychic predicted several troubles for our planet. He is convinced that the planets in the solar system line up in such a way that the Earth should expect more trouble.

This state of affairs can change the period indicated by him, as well as have an impact on the next 20 years of the development of the entire human civilization.

The Hindu said that by 2023 the situation in the world may worsen, but at the same time, people, in order to remain in harmony with themselves, will need to grow spiritually, as well as find new ways for self-improvement.

Of course, it will not be possible to change the events of the past, but it will be quite realistic to stay in good shape and not lose heart from the surrounding chaos.


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