Indian astrologer says the end date of coronavirus pandemic

(ORDO NEWS) — In the summer of 2019, the prediction of a teenager Abhigya Ananda appeared on the Web, but few people paid attention to it. Then the astrologer told about the approaching nightmare in the form of a pandemic. It wasn’t until the words began to come true that the statement began to circulate on the internet. Recently, a teenager made a new prediction for 2021.

Abhigya Anand is a teenager who makes amazingly accurate predictions. Today he is considered the national hero of India. When everyone realized that the young man had a gift, they began to interview. It is interesting that the gift of Abhigyu was not given by heaven: the boy is seriously engaged in astrology, constantly developing in this direction.

New predictions state that a new Covid-19 outbreak should be expected on December 20. The anomalous convergence of Jupiter and Saturn will have an impact. In the new year, it is important for people to strengthen their immunity. This is the only way to survive. Ayurvedic herbs such as turmeric and amrutali can be consumed. It is better to refuse meat as much as possible. This will not only save your health, but also save your budget. The rapprochement of the planets at the end of December will negatively affect the economy, so a food crisis is possible.

To survive for sure, people need to leave cities and stop being endless consumers. Humanity needs other living conditions, as well as ecological products. People in the coming year will cope with the pandemic, but this will not happen until November. Until then, many will rethink a number of values.

Abhigya Anand’s first prediction was received with a smile. Then the guy said that there was a fight ahead, like in a war, a distance between people would be created, many would die. Today everyone realizes that the words have completely come true, so they are already listening to the second forecast. It is not so joyful, but it gives hope for a happy ending.


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