India has found a treasure that disappeared during a super cyclone

(ORDO NEWS) — In the Indian village of Laudanka, archaeologists have discovered a lost treasury that existed in the 9-12th century AD. It is worth noting that experts made such a find directly during the inspection of the ancient temple of Gatesvar.

It is reported by NDTV.

Six archaeologists examined a variety of ancient monuments, the study of which began several years ago. Experts took part in a project called “Discover the Lost Heritage”. A similar heritage was found in a small village. Archaeologists were able to find a real treasure, which contains ancient temple idols, as well as bas-reliefs.

Anil Dhir said that about 20 important artifacts were covered with a pile of rubbish and were located at the back of the investigated temple. Specialists have already identified most of the idols, since they depict various kinds of gods.

It should be noted that some of the figures are quite large and reach human height. Most of all archaeologists were interested in the statue of Manasa, which was depicted as a cobra, as well as the mask of the god Shiva, made of brass.

All artifacts were fully prepared by specialists in order to be transported to the State Museum. But the region was hit by an incredibly powerful super cyclone that triggered a flood. Huge territories were flooded, including the ancient temple. This is how the treasure was lost in 1999 one more time.


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