Incredible failure of British intelligence, which was followed by the whole world

(ORDO NEWS) — A Boeing RC-135W Rivet Joint reconnaissance aircraft of the Royal Air Force of Great Britain went on a secret mission to the Kaliningrad region, unaware that hundreds of thousands of people were watching its flight on passenger airliner monitoring sites.

The Boeing RC-135W Rivet Joint, aka Project Airseeker, cost the UK almost a billion dollars. The aircraft is in service with the Royal Air Force of Great Britain and performs reconnaissance missions. Once he went to the Russian coast to collect data on the naval base of the Baltic Fleet.

However, British intelligence officers did not suspect that hundreds of thousands of users of the Flightradar24 and Plane finder websites, where passenger airliners can be tracked, are watching the flight of their top-secret “rivet”.

The reconnaissance mission turned out to be a miserable failure – Rivet Joint’s suspicious maneuvers at a distance of about 100 kilometers from Kaliningrad did not go unnoticed by the public. Experts say that the British aircraft operated with the support of American F-35A fighter.


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